Red & Peach Bib Pack (4)

by Bubze



Our bandana bibs are made of 100% cotton and French Terry towel. The neck pleat is an additional spill barrier and the two stud fasteners adjust accordingly as your baby grows. 


This pack of four bibs weighs approximately 100 grams and comes in shades of peach and red with stripe, star and polkadot patterns. From the top of neck to bottom of bib is 14cm, the total width of each bib across the chest is 21cm and the neck is 9cm wide. 

 Care Guide

To maintain the fresh and bright colours as best as possible; wash the pastel bibs with whites and the darker bibs with similar colours only. Iron the backside firmly at cotton setting temperature.


Especially for babies under six months, we recommend that you do not leave them unattended for extended periods in a bib. The bib might get caught on something and create a choking hazard. Bibs should also not be worn when your baby is asleep as it might cover their face and obstruct their airway.